Alkaline Water Energy Nano Flask

Energy Nano Flask


Energy water cup is just the manifestation of the most high-end nanometer technology and natural energy minerals, bringing out the nanometer energy stone of “super strength” cancer-killing power, turning the ordinary water into the water with Micro-eletrolysis per-treatment installations. First you need know the five main functions of Nano Energy Water Cup.

The Nanometer energy cup is able to turn the ordinary water into the health water of micro-electrolysis with five main functions:
1. Alkalescenct (weak alkaline condition): Dissolve acid, eliminate toxicant and enhance immunity. It can quickly neutralize the toxins, maintain acid-base balance, and control the constipation, diarrhoea, gastrointestinal problems,diabetes, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease, four calculus arthritis and other diseases caused by acid poisoning and acidosis.
2. Negative potentials (antioxidant): remove the excessive free radicals, It’s able to take effective prevention and combating against senile plagues, Parkinson’s, cataracts, arterials sclerosis, cerebral apoplexy, malignant change of cell, etc, caused by the free radicals.
3. Small molecules reduce blood pressures and candy with super-strong dissolution power, emulsifying power, and penetrating power, its able to have the fat and cholesterol in blood vessels and gastrointestinal parts dissolved cholesterol,lower the blood viscosity and reduct the three-high (high blood fat, candy and pressures) It develops miraculous effects on arteriosclerosis, cerebral thrombosis cardiovascular disease, fat-burning and slimming, etc.
4. To complement the elements of life; Trace elements and minerals. The aerospace ceramic cores adopted by the Nano energy cup is able to release iron, zinc, iodine calcium and other various minerals and trace elements that are essential to the human body, all of which are in ionic condition and there are not only extremely easily absorbed into the Boyd, but also can add a variety of micro-elements, catalysing and activating the driving forces of life:
5.High in oxygen: Improve sleep quality. The areospace ceramic cores adopted by the energy cup has countless small crystalloids, and will be permanently releasing negative ions, activating cells purifying the blood, regulating gastrointestinal system, improving sleep, implementing the oxygen needed by human brain and muscles. Therefore a couple of cups per day will make one’s mind stay fresh and energetic.


  1. To improve the nutrient absorption metabolism & immunity
  2. Change the common water into factor IV activated water, which is rich in mineral elements, such as Ca, Mg, K and Na.
  3. Resist oxidation, delay senility & be favourable for human being health.
  4. The negative potential can eliminate the excrescent  free radical.
  5. Detoxicate the alcohol & tobacco.
  6. Strong solubility, and long terms drinking can prevent the renewal caucus.
  7. neutralise the acidic toxin in the Bowles, eliminate the dysporia.
  8. Cure acidosis, rectify the acidic constitution.
  9. Neutralize the excrescent gastric acid, protect against gastritis.

How to use your Alkaline Water Flask

  1. The alkaline water flask is a portable water dispenser that converts water into alkaline and ionized water that anyone can drink anywhere,anytime.
  2. Fill the bottle with hot water(above 90 degree) before initial use in order to activate the nano particles. Once the water cools, repeat the process by adding cold water. Then shake the bottle and empty. It is now ready for use.
  3. When water is poured from your flask or when the bottle is shaken you may hear a rattling sound. This is simply the mineral moving around. This is a normal sound.
  4. For each use, fill the Flask completely with water below 110 degrees Fahrenheit or less than 48 degrees Centigrade. You can drink the water immediately. If you wait a few minutes, you will get an even better result.
  5. After filling the flask, screw on the lid but do not over tighten. there is energy being released inside the Flask which could cause a slight increase in the pressure inside.
  6. Store the Flask and removable filter separately in a cool dry place. You can put them in the refrigerator to keep them cool.
  7. Over time, you may see residue build up on the inside of the Flask. Use lemon juice or white vinegar to remove it.
  8. Initially, you may experience a degree of detoxification. This is known to cause mild diarrhea and possibly drowsiness.These should clear in a few days.
  9. The filter should be changed once a year or when the water changes to a harsher taste. this is dependent upon how often you use the Flask and the amount of water put through it.
  10. The Flask is strictly meant to filter water. Do not use it to drink carbonated drinks, milk, coffee, tea or other similar liquids. those liquids could harm the effectiveness of the flask.
  11. Do not use the Flask water for taking your medications.
  12. Do not keep water in the bottle overnight. if you leave water in the Flask over night, dump it out and fill the Flask with new water.
  13. Do not put the Flask in a microwave or heat it with any instrument including a stove.
  14. As a good practice, do not use the Flask if you are pregnant or nursing since the water from the Flask is high in alkalinity which small children do not need.

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